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Zespół Inżynierów Przemysłowych

Engineers of the future
Smart, Skilled, Secure

The aim of the project will be to create a system of specialized vocational courses and to test it on the group recruited under the project, intended for young people in the last vocational classes of secondary schools and the first years of engineering higher education in the field of modern industrial automation systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) along with the cybersecurity aspect as a key component of digitization.

The system of courses is designed to introduce practical through laboratory classes, design work for new professional groups in the way automated enterprises operate and to familiarize with the possibilities and requirements for future employees from digital production systems using intelligent Internet of Things solutions, in line with the concept of the company's functioning in the entire Industry 4.0 ecosystem. As part of the project, particular emphasis will be placed on cybersecurity issues in the Industrial Internet of Things systems and the entire ecosystem of Industry 4.0 as a sine qua non condition for the functioning of these systems. The goal will be to build awareness of the critical role cybersecurity plays in digital production solutions and the management processes of an organization operating automated systems and huge data resources. This is important because cybersecurity is still very often treated by employees as an element that hinders work and as an option to be used, and not a critical element of the functioning of the entire enterprise. Changing this mentality will have a key impact on the success and effects of digitization established by the European Commission in the new 2021-27 perspective implemented, among others, under the Digital Europe program. The courses will also emphasize the role of digitization as a tool for introducing sustainable development, energy efficiency in industry and thus the implementation of the Green Deal policy. Laboratory classes and projects will allow you to gain practical knowledge about how devices work in Industrial Automation and Industrial Internet of Things systems with the use of intelligent sensors and data analysis systems - standards and methods of communication as well as management and control of the functioning of such environments, the possibility of their programming, as well as ensuring physical security and cybernetic. Course participants will have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities offered by robotic production systems, digital production management systems, integration of production systems and organizational and business processes within the enterprise, but also within the Industry 4.0 ecosystem in which it operates - coordination of raw material supplies, their cost-effective use, supply of components as part of modern management of logistics systems. 

This will allow you to get acquainted with the directions of education in the longer perspective of education and to learn about the possibilities and demand for new professions. 

Our Goals

  • Professional development of staff in formal and non-formal education

  • Analysis and recommendations on vocational education in the context of Industry 4.0 and IoT

  • Creation of tools for development of key competences of young people

  • Involvement of external institutions in vocational education

  • Development of information and teaching materials

  • Definition of competences of the future

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